How to program an ATA GDO-6 Easy Roller remote


How to program an ATA GDO-6 Easy Roller remote

Today we are going to show you how to reprogram for a new handset for an ATA GDO6.

First of all we take this little cover off here ( the cover over the controls to the door opener ), you can use a screw driver, or your thumb.

Simply lift that cover off there. Put that down somewhere safe and secure.

Open up your remote. First of all make sure the power is on to the unit.

Open up your remote, you have your remote handy.

Just hold down the door code button.

While you are holding down the door code button and you hear the beeping, just simply press your remote for 2 seconds.

Let it go. Press it again for 2 seconds until you hear that beeping change to one single beep.

Then give it a try ( by pressing your remote to see if the door will open or close ) and there you go.


Andrew Strachan