How to replace a roller door seal

Replacing faulty garage roller door seals

In this video we show you how to replace a faulty garage door seal. On the video you can see the deterioration in the seal which means that the rain, dust or leaves can enter the garage and make it untidy.

What we’re going to do is put the door into manual by pulling the cord on the motor. This disengages the motor and allows you to manually move the roller door up and down.

Push the door up, lock the motor by pulling the cord, and then remove the track the door rolls up and down on from the opposite side to the motor. This releases the door on one side, pull it down half way, then lock the motor again to hold it in place. This allows access the old seal and pulled out. First, lever off the nylon webbing that is wrapped over the bottom of the door. Then you can pull out the old seal and check it against the replacement seal. Available at larger hardware stores. It should slide in the same groove.

Some older garage doors have a different seal width or system. In this case you may need to replace the aluminium extrusion to fit and screw this to the bottom of the door. The Steeline door in this video is about 5-6 years old and has the correct extrusion to fit the new seal.

Then just slide the seal onto the bottom of the door. Just a tip, you may need to spray some silicone spray onto the rails where you slot the seal to help make it easier to slide it onto the door.

Sometimes they can be a little bit tight and fiddly. Be patient.

Once on, replace the nylon webbing over the seal. Replace the track. Unlock the motor again and pull the door to the top. Lock the motor again, then reset the limits on the motor. See our blog article on How to reset a stuck garage roller door.

Once done, check that everything is secure and tight and working well.

If it requires the replacement of the aluminium extrusion this will add to the cost.

If you are in the Geelong region and need a replacement seal fitted to your roller door, call Andrew Strachan on 0438 231 799


Andrew Strachan