Garage roller door maintenance tips

Garage roller door maintenance tips

Love your neighbours

When you neighbors start complaining, or worse, yelling at you about the noise your roller door makes, you know it’s time to get it fixed.

Your garage roller doors need maintenance or fixing when it:

Noisy Roller Doors and Angry Neighbours

  • Opens slowly
  • Shudders when opening
  • Stops half way up or down
  • Won’t open, even when the motor is running
  • Doesn’t bounce back up when it hits something, like your car
  • Has gaps between the base of the door and the ground

Garage Roller Door Maintenance

Regular maintenance will make your garage door operate smoothly, quietly and increases the longevity of your motor or door opener. And bring back some neighbourly love.

Single garage roller doors can weigh around 60 kgs, a double sized roller door twice that.

When things aren’t working properly it creates problems for the motor and can reduce it’s life.

As with Murphy’s Law it’s when you are in a hurry that when things go wrong and you may end up with your car stranded in the garage.

To avoid these problems regular garage door maintenance is a must.

gdo-6 Easy RollerGarage Door Motors

A garage door has a range of moving parts, but the real driver is the motor. Unless the motor is reasonably new, parts do wear out. Generally a garage door motor lasts anything from 10-15 years, depending on the make. But this really depends on the make and how you maintain your door.

Newer motors today come with longer warranties. Our recommended brand, the GDO-6 Easy Roller has a 5 year warranty or 10 000 cycles. This means 10 000 opens and closes.

Door openers wear out quicker or stop working when the door doesn’t have the right tension making it too heavy to lift, often stripping the gears. See re-tensioning your garage roller door below.

Or the door is damaged or you have an electrical fault where the logic board burns out.

To keep your motor running efficiently and to get the full value out of it you need to maintain the door, the spring tension and keep everything lubricated.

garage door repairsTypical Garage Roller Door Maintenance includes:

  • Retensioning the roller door (see second video below)
  • Resetting the motor so that it operates efficiently (see second video below)
  • Checking your remote is working (see first video below)
  • Tightening all fixtures and fittings
  • Lubricating all moving parts

 Our Recommended Maintenance Task List Includes Regular:

Track adjustments – aligning the tracks to ensure the door functions properly, replace if needed
Track lubrication – be careful, only use silicon based sprays, not oil which attract dust and build up grease
Weather seal replacements – these are often difficult to get hold of, contact your supplier
Safety Checks – everything is tightened, motor working ok, any electrical cables are not cracked or wires visible, electrical outlets safe and not broken, remote working ok
Repair or touch up dents or scratches

Reprogramming or replacing your remote control unit

Most remotes are fairly easy to reprogram yourself if you have a bit of time. In most cases you may find the instructions to do this via a Google search.

If you have an ATA GDO-6 easy roller door, see our YouTube video on reprogramming the GDO-6

We supply and reprogram remotes. See our replacement and recoding page for garage door remotes.

Retensioning your Roller Door

Only do this if it is safe you are confident about what you are doing. We recommend that you call a specialist rather than attempt this yourself.

If you live in the Geelong region, the Bellarine Peninsula or Surfcoast, call Andrew for your roller door service 0438 231 799

Andrew Strachan