Broken Torsion Springs

broken torsion springs

Broken Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are used to open and close garage panel doors, taking the weight off the motor. But due to wear and tear along with salt corrosion in coastal areas they can break, often with a loud bang. At that point they become extremely dangerous and require an immediate replacement.

Life Cycle of Torsion Springs

Torsions spring last around 10,000-15,000 cycles, basically 3 to 7 years.

If you live on the Bellarine Peninsula, Ocean Grove or along the Surf Coast there’s a good chance your torsion springs will have a shorter life because of the salt air. Loose tracks or poor garage door mantainance can also cause problems.

Risks and hazards

We do not recommend trying to replace torsion springs by yourself unless you are highly skilled. It is extremely dangerous, so as to to avoid any injuries always call a professional to fix it.

How to Tell when your Torsion Springs are Broken

Torsion springs usually take years to break, but can break more frequently in coastal regions where salt in the air causes the springs to rust. Normally when a spring breaks, your will hear a large bang from your garage door and may see grease on the roof of your garage.

The motor may struggle to lift your garage door, or it may also cut out halfway because when one spring breaks the door has lost 50% of its tension, making it too heavy to lift. When the door is all the way down, release the door onto manual (by pulling the manual release cord on your motor) and see if door can be lifted. If not, look up at the springs and see if one is broken.

Do not try to fix it yourself. Call a professional and let them handle the repairs. They will release the tension in the springs of the garage door before they replace its door cable. If you attempt to lift a garage door with a broken spring, it may come back on you in a flash, causing a injury.

replacement torsion springs

New replacement garage door torsion springs


Grove Roller Doors carry all spring sizes in stock. We always replace both springs, even if only one is broken. Since our vehicles can carry a range of springs to suit any door, we offer same-day service, coming out to replace your springs on the spot.

Cost of replacing broken torsion springs

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