Broken cables on garage door

broken cables corroded cable drum

Broken cables on garage door

Torsion cables are used on garage panel doors to help raise your garage door. They are attached to the bottom of each side of the door and connected to a cable drum at each end of  the shaft turned by torsion springs as they wind up or down. The shaft is located above your garage door.

As the door opens or closes the torsion springs wind up or down causing the shaft to turn the cable drums to either wind up, or wind down, the cables attached to the door. When a cable breaks, due to usage, age or corrosion, the door may fall on an angle, look uneven or be difficult to open and needs to be replaced.

Other reasons for cables breaking are: poor maintenance, loose tracks or components or just wear and tear. Hence a good reason for regular garage door servicing.

Rusty torsion cables

Corrosion is more likely the problem for broken cables on Victoria’s Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsulas rather than inland around Geelong, where wear and tear are more likely.

Replacing torsion cables with stainless steel cables

The standard cable fitted to garage doors is a Galvanised 2.8 mm cable, and in coastal areas like Torquay and Ocean Grove will be regularly exposed to salt air. We replace these cables with a stronger, corrosion resistant 3.2mm Stainless Steel Cable that wont rust or snap.

At Grove Roller Doors we always replace both cables when one breaks, as the other cable won’t be far off breaking.

broken garage door cablesCost to replace broken cables

Grove Roller Doors supply and install two new stainless steel cables. Our service team carries a full range of cables and cable drums to suit your garage door.

Preventative measures you can take

Inspect your cables for any deteriation, looking for:

  • loose wires unravelling or sticking out
  • slackness
  • noise when opening
  • rust

A preventative light spray of a lithium grease on the cables will help stop it from being exposed to salt air and rusting.

Don’t leave it too late if a cable breaks.  You may not be able to move your door as it will be jammed down or halfway and can sometimes damage the panels. If you see any rust or deterioration in yout tension cables, get them checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

Call Grove Roller Doors 0438 231 799 for a service call or to replace your torsion cables

Andrew Strachan