Sectional Garage Door Opener GDO-9 Dynamo


A true workhorse with loads of features with a 800N DC motor, a low noise door opener that won’t annoy the neighbours.
2 Year Warranty.

  • Name GDO-9 DYNAMO™
  • Number GDO-9
  • Price Please Call
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A true sectional garage door opener workhorse, the GDO-9 Dynamo comes with loads of features. Low noise and ideal for retro-fit installs or upgrades.

Fitted with a steel C-Rail and a strong 800N DC motor, the feature-rich Dynamo™ offers all the performance and safety that a busy family home requires, yet will leave you with change in your wallet.

With a sleek look the GDO-9 Dynamo provides the ideal balance between garage door opener performance and affordability. An ideal long lasting solution for busy families, it offers an excellent mix of safety systems, TrioCode™128 technology, courtesy light and service reminder to make this an excellent long-lasting opener for homes with a sectional garage door. It can be readily upgraded to include battery backup, and belt drive for improved quietness and peace of mind. When you want a workhorse, this is the opener to buy.GDO-9v3 Dynamo Product Sheet

Supplied and fitted in the Geelong Region, call Andrew for a quote 0438 231 799

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